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About Us

Mr. Gaurav before laying down the foundation stone of Pruthvi Ceramic Components studied in detail what exactly it takes to start a new ceramic components fabrication company from scratch. His studies and passion motivated him to start his project. The first thing which he did was find customers for the Ceramic Components. In the establishment year 1994, we got the first project, on which our personnel equipped with resources and technology worked with enthusiasm. Just after the successful completion of first order, our company started receiving orders. The policy of our company was to work on one order at a time, so that we could direct all our energy and focus on completion of that order, complying the strict quality standards.

Today, more than 20 years later, we are working as a Manufacturer & Supplier of not only Ceramic Products, but also several Industrial Parts from our production unit in Anand, Gujarat (India). Our product line encompasses Textile Ceramic Parts, Cartridge Heater Pipe, Band Heater Channels, Bobbin Bush, Glass Heater Bush, Thermostat Parts, and much more.

Our Team

We believe that building a team does not only includes recruitment, but identifying the passion and dedication of personnel we are including in our team. We ensure they must share the values and vision of our company. The production team, including four engineers, works with a zeal to engineer the range, in minimum production cost and best utilizing the available resources. The sales and marketing personnel are technically trained, so that they can easily answer to all queries of customers regarding product, product applications and processes. They work closely with customers to understand their business and production challenges. And, convey the same to the designers and engineers in the production unit, so that they can devise accurate solutions.

The warehouse is maintained by skilled warehousing personnel, who are trained to use the inventory management software to keep a record of the standard material and finished products. They are capable of fetching the record of any order in past years.

Right Marketing Techniques

Our marketing team combines both, traditional and digital marketing techniques to market our company in different markets of the nation. Some of the strategies we employ are:
  • Print advertisements
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) & Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
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